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Amos Cutter's General Store (HO-O)

This is one building that belongs as much in the "West" as it does here in Maine ! The laser-cut "bay window" is what this one is all about, combine that with the generic simplicity of a general store & you have a building that can be used for anything.

Baggage Carts (HO-O)

Every station seemed to have these, now you can have a few of these too! "HO"-"S" scale wagons come "2" to a kit. "O" scale versions are packaged individually.

Bud Smiley's (HO/O)

Sometimes we do a kit just for the “sentimental” value. “Bud” owned this station back when gas was a quarter and you got a free glass with every 8-gallon purchase ! We’ve all seen little private enterprises like this.

Bull's Salvage (HO-O)

From "Board & Batten" to "scribed siding" to rusted corrugated metal... this kit has it all. Despite a small footprint it's one of the most visually intense kits we've ever released.

Busters Barber Shop (O)

"Busters" actually exists here in Maine. And if you don't need a haircut you can always turn it into a pool hall or a local cafe ! Complete with newspaper stand that can be built individually.


You can’t get any closer to the tracks than a crossing shanty. This building is so generic there’s almost no railroad it wouldn’t look right on......

Crown Crate Company (HO-O)

This (2) structure kit is a "take-off" on some buildings originally included with our limited-run "Pinkhams Pallet" kit. The flexible kit footprint makes it ideal for those oddly shaped areas on your layout !

Earl's Oil (N/HO/S/O)

We've been personal friends with Earl Smallshaw for years... if you were to trace "Bar Mills" history you'd find he was one of the reasons all of this came into being to begin with. This kit was based on one of his original models.

Fensters Farm Fresh (HO/O)

This simple building will work great along the highway or next to the tracks. Loaded with interesting details it can be themed for many different kinds of businesses... it was actually based on a seafood distributor here in Maine !

Hinkle's Package Store (S-O Scale)

This little "package store" comes complete with everything from window signs & a length of "Bar Mills Sidewalks-In-A-Snap" to a fire hydrant. Details vary between S&O-scale models.

InstaFence (N/HO/S/O)

This fencing is laser-cut for very quick assembly, and features a board thickness as thin as 1/64th " thick ! Never has a finer scale, more realistic fence been available. We've even included a small assortment of signs with each kit for added realism

Jebediahs Carriage Repair (S/O)

This simple little shop is modeled after one we built for ourselves on the Bar Mills Sn2 layout. Although far from complex the multiple rooflines and interesting facade help make this building unique.

Lobster Traps (HO/O)

These brass lobster traps couldn't be easier to assemble. Multiple units come in a kit, & there is no gluing needed. Just bend into shape, mist them with a color, & age them with some alcohol/India ink & they're ready to go ! Two Sizes: HO/S & "O" scal

Majestic Hardware (N/HO/S/O)

Available in all 4 major scales this traditional architecture lends itself to a series of geographical areas. When built without the elevator extension the structure becomes more generic and can serve several industries. Comes with loads of details.

Mooney's Plumbing (N/HO/S/O)

Mooney’s Plumbing” was based on a Bob Hayden article many years ago... originally called the “8-Ball Locomotive Works”.

Oakleaf Industries (HO/O)

This three building complex is complete with a loading dock. We modeled it as a land-based business but a simple extension of the supporting floor columns would yield a great looking waterfront industry as well !

Old Man Harts (O)

This special issue of the smaller decrepit structure that originally was part of the "Hart's Transfer" limited-edition kit is now available on its own !

Raquette Lake Navigation (HO/O)

This one's pretty obvious, either you need one of these or you don't... but still... don't you wish you did ?

Saulenas Tavern (N-HO-S-O)

One of the most popular kit we’ve ever done, “Saulena’s Tavern” is named after the late modeling great Paul Saulenas. Paul is perhaps best known for his many fine structures, many of which reside on the “Franklin & South Manchester”.

Shack Pack (N/HO/O)

When someone new in the hobby asks us which kit we’d suggest for a “newbie” we tell them one of two things. If you’re in HO look into the “BASICS” line of structures. But our second choice is ALWAYS the same... go for the “Shack Pack”.

Shipyard Brewing (N/HO/S/O)

This “false-front” background building, offers a wealth of detail . From it’s laser-cut roof-mounted billboard & cupola to its large industrial type windows. Its half-thickness will take up less of your modeling space than you might think.

Sidewalk Street Elevators (N/HO/O)

Go to about any city and you'll see these buried in the concrete sidewalks below your feet. These are based on a prototype, our's are made of brass & require little effort to build. Available in N/HO & "O" scales

SIdewalks In A Snap (N/HO/S/O)

If you've ever labored building realistic sidewalks this one is a "no-brainer". These look great and require no modeling skills (also no real time or effort) to be assembled. Complete with a laser-etched curb & pre-distressed cracks.

Swanson's Lunch Stand (N-HO-S-O)

This little kit is typical of not only lunch stands but of any small vending operation,anything from watermelons to flowers and fresh produce are displayed along roadsides all over the U.S. in this typical setting.

Sweaty Betty's (HO-O)

As a more "modest" kit than some of the high-end things we've been doing as of late this one will also have a modest price... $47.95. Karl Scholz built this one, of course Jim did the engineering.

The #1 Kit (N/HO/S/O)


The Gravely Building (HO/S/O)

The Gravely Building” was something we came up with based on a free-lanced model we had done. We’d like to tell you that there was a “grand plan” behind the thing... but it’s not the case. We came up with what we thought was a pretty “cool” structure.

The Idaho Hotel (N/HO/S/O)

Available in N/HO/S/O scales this versatile structure is based on a prototype hotel, but can be converted and used as a combination convenience store/ filling station/ hotel, as well as several other themed concepts.

Town Line Tire

"Townline" is a business that can be found in any part of our country, from rural to urban settings. Complete with details, signs, and a 7"x12" footprint !

Wicked Wandas (N/HO/S/O))

“Wanda’s” is one of the best selling structures we’ve ever produced. Originally designed by Pete Willstein of New York this lanky structure has an attitude all of its’ own.

Witzinger's Washboards (HO/O)

If you're building a model layout (and not just a diorama) you may find this kit attractive in more than one way.This is the second in our line of "false-front" buildings... all the detail, character & charm of a "regular" building, but in half the space