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Baggage Carts (HO-O)

Every station seemed to have these, now you can have a few of these too! "HO"-"S" scale wagons come "2" to a kit. "O" scale versions are packaged individually.

Barn At Jackson Corners HO Scale

We broke one of our own rules... A Structure That's NOT An Industry ! We actually thought of making this an antique but just left it as a country barn... complete with horse & wagon !

Bud Smiley's (HO/O)

Sometimes we do a kit just for the “sentimental” value. “Bud” owned this station back when gas was a quarter and you got a free glass with every 8-gallon purchase ! We’ve all seen little private enterprises like this.

Bull's Salvage (HO-O)

From "Board & Batten" to "scribed siding" to rusted corrugated metal... this kit has it all. Despite a small footprint it's one of the most visually intense kits we've ever released.

Collard's Creek Motor Park(HO)

This pair of kits was inspired by a little "house" on the Saco River, right here in Bar Mills. Named after good friend & great modeler Martin Collard.

Crossing Shanties (HO)

Two HO scale shanties to a kit, complete with "2" sets of plastic cross bucks, and two sets of laser-cut street crossing platforms. Yes, metal details are included.


You can’t get any closer to the tracks than a crossing shanty. This building is so generic there’s almost no railroad it wouldn’t look right on......

Crown Crate Company (HO-O)

This (2) structure kit is a "take-off" on some buildings originally included with our limited-run "Pinkhams Pallet" kit. The flexible kit footprint makes it ideal for those oddly shaped areas on your layout !

Earl's Oil (N/HO/S/O)

We've been personal friends with Earl Smallshaw for years... if you were to trace "Bar Mills" history you'd find he was one of the reasons all of this came into being to begin with. This kit was based on one of his original models.

Fishing Shack (HO)

This little kit takes more time to manufacture than most. The reason? The laser-cut shingle siding. This is why we won't feature this type of a "wall finish" on many kits. This is not a "novice-entry-level" kit, but more for the seasoned modeler.

Furlow Freight (HO)

This is just a cool little building with a unique look. Suitable for a small spur or country siding the kit has a stark & simple quality that helps to make it stand out.

Hinkle's Package Store (S-O Scale)

This little "package store" comes complete with everything from window signs & a length of "Bar Mills Sidewalks-In-A-Snap" to a fire hydrant. Details vary between S&O-scale models.

Magee's Tire Repair (HO)

This is a classic little building that can be used on any layout. The vertical board siding is laser-etched to give the building a uniquely random-board appearance. Suitable for beginning modelers.

Milk & Ice Wagons

DESIGNED FOR ADVANCED BUILDERS these kits come complete with horse "castings"... each kit contains one of each style.

Miracle Chair Co. (HO)

This tongue-in-cheek little kit was themed after the great work of Earl Smallshaw. If It's A Good Chair It's A Miracle" was just too tough to let slip by without naming a Bar Mills kit after it. A cool building with the usual Bar Mills "fun stuff"

Office at Cranberry Yard

A not-so-simple, not-so-expensive craftsman kit that invites even further detailing ! Available at your local dealer.

Revelia Shipping (HO)

This cool little building is so simple to build that it "had" to be a basic. It features plastic doors & windows & includes some castings for additional detailing.

Rusty Radiator Company (HO Scale)

Rusty’s is yet another odd-shaped structure. Like “Earl’s Oil” buildings, this one can serve well in unusual “geographic” areas of your layout.

Saulenas Tavern (N-HO-S-O)

One of the most popular kit we’ve ever done, “Saulena’s Tavern” is named after the late modeling great Paul Saulenas. Paul is perhaps best known for his many fine structures, many of which reside on the “Franklin & South Manchester”.

Shack Pack (N/HO/O)

When someone new in the hobby asks us which kit we’d suggest for a “newbie” we tell them one of two things. If you’re in HO look into the “BASICS” line of structures. But our second choice is ALWAYS the same... go for the “Shack Pack”.

Shady Grove Texaco

Available in "HO" & "O" scales this tiny structure is perhaps the most charming we have ever made !

Simpson Feed & Seed (HO)

Named after our favorite Simpson... "Homer J.", this building is not really all that "basic". Many detailed features such as the loading dock,laser-cut freight doors & castings make this kit a great value.

Staton Marine (HO)

With a footprint of about 4.5 x 7.5 inches this "jammed-up" little scene looks like a bee-hive of activity... placed near or away from your waterfront it'll make a great looking little scene !

Swanson's Lunch Stand (N-HO-S-O)

This little kit is typical of not only lunch stands but of any small vending operation,anything from watermelons to flowers and fresh produce are displayed along roadsides all over the U.S. in this typical setting.

Sweaty Betty's (HO-O)

As a more "modest" kit than some of the high-end things we've been doing as of late this one will also have a modest price... $47.95. Karl Scholz built this one, of course Jim did the engineering.

The #1 Kit (N/HO/S/O)


The Cabins at Collard's Creek (HO Scale)

This pair of kits was inspired by a little "house" on the Saco River, right here in Bar Mills. Named after good friend & great modeler Martin Collard.

The Cranberry Yard Freight House HO Scale

Available only in HO Scale

Twin Utility Sheds (HO)

This is one of those kits that we consider to be a "steal-of-a-deal". Great for any modeler, beginner or advanced !

Whistlestop Junction (N/HO)

This generic little station would fit pretty much any layout, so whether you’re a prototype modeler or not this little depot might very well fit into your plans.

Witzinger's Washboards (HO/O)

If you're building a model layout (and not just a diorama) you may find this kit attractive in more than one way.This is the second in our line of "false-front" buildings... all the detail, character & charm of a "regular" building, but in half the space