Bar Mills on the Road

The photos below are of our sales & clinic displays at the Springfield, Ma. railroad show in January of 2011.  While we don't always show-up with such a large entourage if you happen to run into us at one of these "special" events we hope uyou'll stop by and say "hello" !



As usual, an truly great show.  We took some photos of the Bar Mills clinic and model displays which we've posted below.  Special thanks to clinicians Clark Kooning, Bill Brown, Mike Tylick & Jack Ellis for all of their efforts in providing our modeling friends with some entertaining and useful information on how to build scale structures !

An Interview With Art At The 2011 Show...



On the Road

(Left To Right)... Jake & Lenny (Lenny is our production manager, Jake is his son... our "grandson".... Clark Kooning (the "big guy")... one of our clinicians.... Art (me)... Jack Ellis (clinician & Bar Mills staffer)... "Diamond Jim" Mooney (the best engineer in the hobby)... and "Nancy" (my wife and co-owner of Bar Mills Scale Models)


On The Road

The Bar Mills Clinic Area


On The Road

Master modeler Mike Tylick giving a hands-on one-on-one clinic


On The Road

Jack Ellis giving one of his premier clinics in the main Bar Mills clinic tent area.


Narrow Gauge Convention, Augusta Maine

Open House Sept. 2016